This e-learning course has been developed with the objective of equipping Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) with the knowledge to promote their business growth and in turn enhance their ability to access finance from banks. The course also endeavours to broaden a learners’ understanding on various key concepts that will enable them to be formalized, improve their market reach, product quality and marketability.

The course contains seven modules which include:

  • Module 1: Entrepreneurship
  • Module 2: Financial Management
  • Module 3: Business and Strategic planning
  • Module 4: Operations and Value Chain Management
  • Module 5: Marketing and Business communications
  • Module 6: Human Resource Management
  • Module 7: Legal Management, constitutional rights, vision 2030 and socioeconomic roles of MSMEs.

A learner is expected to take 45 minutes to complete one module and approximately two days to complete the entire course. You will be directed to the modules that are mandatory.

In order to receive a certificate after undertaking the training, you will have to complete the quizzes associated with the modules. Pass mark for the course is 70%.

We believe that after the successful completion of the course by a learner, they will be able to scale-up their business.

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